Best Tools To Make Undetectable AI Content In 2023 – Hide, Humanize & Scramble!

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best tools to make undetectable AI content in 2023. As AI continues to evolve, more and more people have begun to use it in their day to day workflows. As a part of this, AI content has become more widespread … so much so that it can be very apparent when somebody is using AI in their writing!

Luckily, there are several tools to create humanlike AI content, and we’ll cover all of them in this article – running through the features and pricing. We’ll also test them out against leading AI detector tools.

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Differentiation is important, regardless of who you are. You might be a businessperson leveraging AI to send emails – but don’t want to sound like a robot. You could be a student ethically using AI to enhance an essay – but don’t want to get caught up by detectors. You could be a SEO writer, and be worried about the potential SERP implications that come with AI writing. The situations where creating undetectable AI makes sense are endless.

Clear markers that content is written by AI.

When you write content with AI, there are clear markers that it hasn’t been written by a human. Before we jump into how to make AI writing undetectable, let’s take a look at the tools that we’re actually trying to beat.

There are many detectors out there, but all use a similar strategy of breaking down content into paragraph and sentence chunks, running these chunks through a custom-trained AI model which predicts the probability that it was written by AI, and then combining all of those scores into a single prediction.

Looking to learn more about AI detectors? Read our article here: The Best Tools To Detect AI Content in 2023 – Tested For Accuracy

Markers that content was written by AI include:

Burstiness – certain paragraphs, words, or concepts will show up in quick succession within the content due to the statistic ‘reasoning’ of LLMs.

Perplexity – measures how ‘surprised’ a model is by text – lower scores mean the text was more likely AI-generated, while higher scores indicate more human-like, unpredictable text.

Structure – AI will typically structure it’s writing the same, regardless of the topic. This applies to sentences, paragraphs and complete essays.

All of these are used by AI detectors, like (mentioned because it’s proven to be the most accurate on the market) separate AI written content from human, and vice versa.

Now that we have a bit of background about how AI detectors, let’s look into the leading tools that beat them, creating undetectable AI / humanized content.

To fairly test the accuracy of each undetectable AI tool, we’ll process the following content, generated with ChatGPT 3.5.

The content we’ll use to test.

The output of each tool will then be passed though the best free and paid AI Detectors; GPTZero and (we covered both in this article). The AI demo content scores poorly on each:

76% AI score using GPTZero (free)

100% AI score using Originality AI Checker

With this out of the way, let’s look at the best humanizer tools online:


HideMyAI is a tool that makes AI content undetectable and humanlike. You can use it for free as a visitor (quite limited from our testing), and also get free credits when registering for an account.

It has several helpful features, including multilingual support (no other “AI humanizer” supports languages other than English), built in AI detection simulation, multiple settings (tone, level, type, perspective, etc…).

It also has a feature that is really helpful for pros looking to humanize a lot of content – bulk document upload. Say you have 20 .doc files that need to be humanized. All you need to do is upload them, wait for a couple of minutes, and HideMyAI will output 100% humanized content from them.


We ran our test AI content through the tool with the following settings: “Essay, Third Person, Undergrad level, ChatGPT generator”, which resulted in the following:

The HideMyAI output was much more human, while still being readable, and passed both AI detectors with flying colors:


Pricing starts at $5 a month, billed annually, which will allow you to process 10,000 words per month. It looks like there’s a volume discount if you buy more credits. We also noticed that ability to buy 1 time credits in the account section, if you didn’t want to do a subscription (you’d need to register to a free account to get them).

Did you know that you can manually change AI content to beat most AI detectors? While free, it takes a bit of time and effort. Read this article to learn more!

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Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI, as the name suggests, is intended to take AI writing, and process / modify it so it’ll beat AI detectors and pass the ‘eyeball’ test.

It took us about 30 seconds to get a new paragraph, which did sound much more human. You can modify the purpose and readability. There are also modes to skew more towards readability or more towards “human sounding” outputs.

There aren’t many fancy features, but the tool does what it’s intended to, and it does it well.


While the readability of the content was a bit odd (you’d probably want to edit it before publishing it somewhere), it fared well against GPTZero (2% AI score) and Originality:


At the time of writing, they were doing a summer sale on the yearly plan (of 50% off), meaning that plans started at $5.00/mo billed yearly. Without the sale, pricing looks to start at about $10/mo for 10k words processed.

Undetectable AI is by far the largest, most well known company in this niche. They offer a solid product that does as advertised – re-purpose is a I reading to content that is not detectable by leading solutions. Hopefully the outputs improve a little bit more so it doesn’t require any editing by humans to be ready to submit, or publish.


StealthWriter is an AI rewriting and paraphrasing tool to transform any input into unique writing. Well, not necessarily marketed as a tool to create undetectable rating, it does have humanizing features and is mentioned in Reddit multiple times as an alternative to Hide My AI and Undetectable AI.

it’s a simple platform where you can enter your contact by pasting, or use sample contact. You toggle the humanizer on or off, select the level, and it will help with your content within several seconds.


The output from this AI paraphraser passes GPTZero, but scores a 100% AI rating on Originality. As noted before, there aren’t any explicit claims that this would be AI detectors, so it’s not necessarily a mark against it. However, it does market itself as a AI humanizer tool, and in the eyes of these tools, the contact is not human.

However, this seems to offer a generous version to registered free users – process 300 words at once, unlimited times (unlike others on this list).


QuillBot is a market incumbent, having been around for many years (well, before the current generative AI craze, launch of ChatGPT, etc….). Well before all of this, it was a well regarded tool for content rewriting and repurposing.

Over the past couple of years, it has grown into a well-built suite of tools, offering multiple AI enabled features, some of it consisting of content rewriting and paraphrasing.

Many resources list them as a great way to create a human like, undetectable AI. Most to discuss leveraging the paraphraser, but you can also use the summarizer if you are looking to distill a lot of text into distinct descriptive paragraphs. There’s also a relatively new addition to the platform called Co-Writer, which is essentially a document editing tool that has AI enable features to allow you to read quicker.


Using the Paraphraser offering on the example AI content, it scores a 0% AI rating on GPTZero. Unfortunately, on originality, it scores a 100% AI rating.

It also seems to take a different approach than any of the other tools mentioned in this article. Depending on your used case, this could be good or bad. The paraphrase replaces many words with synonyms and equivalent sentences. It does not seem to completely re-purposed the content, as many of the other tools do. Instead, it is simply taking the content and injecting new and different synonyms into it.


Pricing comes in at about $100 a year. It gives you unlimited use of the paraphrasing, 6000 words in the summarizer, and various other things as well. Remember, you are paying for an entire platform, not just a tool to make writing undetectable!

ChatGPT / Google BARD / Others

On Twitter (aka X), there are dozens of threads per day showing you how to create undetectable, humanlike AI without any other tools; just by prompting ChatGPT.

Is it feasible?

Maybe in the past, but you can’t really use prompt engineering to beat AI detectors as of August 2023. Here’s a great example. Using our AI content example from the testing above, let’s enter a request to reword it like a human. Here’s my ChatGPT prompt for undetectable AI:

“Take this content and rewrite it, as if you were a human. Avoid following standard output structures for both sentences and paragraphs and using unnatural words. Increase the perplexity and reduce the burstieness of the output. Give it a lot of nuance and personality.”

This changes the entire output, but lets roll with it.

While still generated by ChatGPT, it sounds a bit more humanlike (but IMO it’s actually TOO humanlike, as if a LLM/AI bot is trying to impersonate a human).

But, running it though AI detectors tells a bit of a different story:

While not 100% AI, the probabilities are very high. This example is actually one of the best case scenarios I’ve seen – many times the detectors can see right though it.

If you’re not trying to beat AI detectors, but simply want less generic outputs, check out our detailed writeup; how to humanize AI:

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What Is The Best Undetectable AI Tool in 2023?

HideMyAI is the best AI humanizer on the market as of August 2023. From our testing, we found that it created much better, humanlike content, without incorporating major grammar mistakes like some other tools did. The UI is very clean and the entire application is really easy to use.

The bulk document uploader handles everything from 20 individual files to massive 100 word documents with ease (though the latter would probably take a LONG time to process, and a whole bunch of credits).

However, a downside is that you can’t use it to draft content from scratch. Instead, you use a tool like ChatGPT to write, and then HideMyAI to process and humanize it.


What do you think?

We’d love to hear your general thoughts on creating undetectable AI, and our list of tools to help you accomplish that. The AI world moves quickly, so if any new tools pop up, feel free to leave it down in the comment section below!

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