WPDeveloper Surprises Industry with Launch of Startise as Parent Company

We, WPDeveloper, have been the pioneers in revolutionizing WordPress website building for 10+ years. With our innovative approach and commitment to user empowerment, we have transformed the way websites are created, making them accessible to all, regardless of coding expertise.

And now we have just unveiled Startise in all its exciting glory as the powerhouse parent company of WPDeveloper and numerous other subsidiaries. As a pioneering force behind a diverse portfolio of brands, Startise emerges onto the stage, fostering innovation and excellence with unparalleled enthusiasm.

At Startise, we are all about growth and progress. We are here to shake things up in the world of business incubation, tech innovation, and beyond. Our goal? To give strong support and guidance to all kinds of ventures as they start their entrepreneurial journeys, helping them reach new levels of success!

The ‘Grand Surprise Event’ To Unveil Startise

On February 22nd 2024, we hosted a thrilling event which we wittily named ‘Grand Surprise Event’ for the launch of Startise. With a name that sparked curiosity, the event hosted over 500 attendees, including our team members and their families, tech leaders and influencers from various industries, and kept everyone guessing!

The big surprise revealed was the introduction of Startise as our parent company and our powerful vision for the journey that is yet to come for WPDeveloper and our other subsidiaries.

Inside Startise: A Beacon of Innovation, Excellence & Growth

At Startise, our essence lies in transformative innovation, driving forward not just startups and enterprises but the experiences of millions of users worldwide. Through a strategic portfolio of dynamic subsidiaries, including WPDeveloper, Templately, easy.jobs, xCloud & Storeware, we are helping startups, businesses, and individuals to grow globally in the tech world and beyond. Our commitment extends beyond mere leadership; it is about catalyzing profound change in the digital ecosystem, all while making things easier and better for users, supporting communities, and more.

Our core mission revolves around WPDeveloper, a powerhouse within the WordPress community. Recently integrated under Startise’s umbrella, WPDeveloper remains committed to its values and mission. With a portfolio boasting over 30 plugins and a user base exceeding 6 million, WPDeveloper is at the forefront of revolutionizing web development. It is crucial to note that while WPDeveloper is now part of a larger entity, its dedication to accessibility and empowerment in the digital world remains unwavering. 

What It Means For WPDeveloper Users

For our existing WPDeveloper users, it is important to note that nothing changes for you. WPDeveloper will continue to operate just as it always has, with no changes to how we handle our products.

Our suite of WordPress products, including Essential Addons, Essential Blocks, and others, will continue to serve users with advanced features, ensuring that building websites remains effortless and accessible to all, even without extensive coding knowledge.

Startise Commits to Transformation and Growth

We, as Startise, are a beacon of innovation fostering excellence to help millions globally in their pursuit of growth and success across various sectors with a diverse portfolio of brands. With subsidiaries like WPDeveloper, Templately, xCloud, easy.jobs, and Storeware, Startise will change how businesses operate online. By staying committed to excellence, Startise will keep driving growth and inspiring progress, making it easier for businesses everywhere to succeed.

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